Deposit Safes
Deposit Safes

Deposit Safes

A Deposit Safe is often a crucial component in the commercial environment. Deposit Safes can securely look after cash, keys, and other valuables without the need for keys and codes to gain access. Securikey provides an extensive range of quality Deposit Safes which allow for a flexible and secure solution in the workplace.

Please be aware that insurance companies’ ratings can vary depending upon the risk. If this is an issue, please check the limits with your insurers to ensure on-going cover.

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Under Counter Deposit Safes

Ideal for the safe storage of cash at tills. The Securikey range of Under Counter Cash Safes reduces the risk of opportunist theft and robbery. Available with a wide variety of deposit options, to suit many applications and situations:
  • Letter / Drop Slot
  • Front Loading Hopper
  • Rotary Drum

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Euro Grade Deposit Safes

Front Loading Rotary Deposit Safe

We offer 4 deposit options on our Euro Grade range of safes:

  • Capsule Deposit (Model 095 upwards)
  • Top Loading Rotary Deposit (Model 095 upwards)
  • Slot Deposit (To client specification)
  • Front Loading Rotary Deposit (Model 095 only)

The Front Loading Deposit option is manufactured to order and priced on application.

  • The secondary installation of a rotary drum or deposit facility, can result in a reduced cash rating and necessitates the removal of any VdS badges. Please check cash rating with your insurers before ordering.

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Steel Stor Deposit Safes

The SFSCDR48 offers a rotary deposit drum that is best suited to larger items. It features a 90mm x 250mm aperture, sprung returned so drum always closed, secure safe lock with 2 keys, 4mm steel plate body and drum, dog bar to protect hinged side of door and 180° door access.

The SFSC60WDD is equipped with a lockable front deposit drawer that allows the contents to drop into the cabinet once the drawer is fully closed, thus removing the need to open the cabinet. It features a 240mm x 160mm x 75mm drawer aperture, safe lock on drawer and door, 4mm body and door, 3 way bolt work.

Insurance companies’ ratings can vary with higher or lower figures applied depending upon risk, location and locking option. If it is important then please check with your insurers.

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Mini Vault Silver Deposit Safes

Mini Vault Deposit Safes are manufactured with a 4mm body, an 8mm anti-bludgeon flush fit door and 25mm locking bolts. Available with double bitted safe lock, or advanced electronic locking options. All models have baffle plates to prevent deposited items being 'fished' out. Mini Vault 1 Deposit Safe has an aperture of 140mm wide x 20mm high and is suitable for the deposit of envelopes and small padded bags. Mini Vault 2 Deposit Safe has an aperture of 250mm wide x 100mm high and is best suited to larger items, such as cash bags, deposit capsules, bunches of keys etc.. Insurance companies' ratings can vary with higher or lower figures applied depending upon risk, location and locking option. If it is important then please check with your insurers.

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Underfloor Deposit Safes

The Securikey range of underfloor safes provides high levels of security at affordable prices, whether in the office or at home. Deposit tube diameter is 52mm.

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Deposit Safe Accessories

Our range of Cash Safes can be supplied with additional fixtures / fittings to suit your needs. In this section you will find accessories to suit Deposit Safes.

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Master Lock Deposit Safes

Master Lock deposit safes are ideal for all security conscious business managers.  With a choice of 'drop slot' or 'depository' models, these safes are designed to protect cash, card transaction slips and other valuables at the counter. Ideal for small cash businesses such as restaurants, bars, convenience stores, hotels and charity shops.

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In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.