Master Lock Safes
Master Lock Safes

Master Lock Safes

Available in a versatile range, Master Lock Safes are manufactured in 7 sizes, from 10 litres up to 170 litres in capacity. Every Master Lock Safe has a carpeted interior in order to prevent damage to stored items, while larger units incorporate adjustable shelves. The smallest in the range is key locked, while all other models include an electronic lock. Best suited to being bolted down, all Master Lock Safes incorporate fixing bolts as standard.

View our range of Master Lock Safes products

  • 25ML-KB Keybox for 25 Keys

    RRP £45.80 (excluding VAT)

    External H: 25mm W: 8.5mm D: 19mm
    Weight: 1.2kg Volume: 1.65 litres
  • Security Safe Small X031

    RRP £59.00 (excluding VAT)

    External H: 167mm W: 290mm D: 264mm
    Internal H: 163mm W: 286mm D: 213mm
    Weight: 4.4kg Volume: 9.9 litres
  • Security Safe Medium X055

    RRP £135.00 (excluding VAT)

    External H: 220mm W: 350mm D: 270mm
    Internal H: 216mm W: 346mm D: 220mm
    Weight: 6.4kg Volume: 16.4 litres
  • Security Safe Large X075

    RRP £153.00 (excluding VAT)

    External H: 180mm W: 430mm D: 370mm
    Internal H: 176mm W: 426mm D: 294mm
    Weight: 7.8kg Volume: 22 litres
  • Security Safe Large X125

    RRP £211.00 (excluding VAT)

    External H: 270mm W: 430mm D: 370mm
    Internal H: 266mm W: 426mm D: 294mm
    Weight: 12.2kg Volume: 33.3 litres
  • Biometric Safe LX110BEURHRO

    RRP £214.00 (excluding VAT)

    External H: 195mm W: 430mm D: 370mm
    Internal H: 192mm W: 427mm D: 310mm
    Weight: 10.6kg Volume: 25.4 litres
  • Security Safe X Large T8-331

    RRP £525.00 (excluding VAT)

    External H: 700mm W: 550mm D: 502mm
    Internal H: 655mm W: 520mm D: 352mm
    Weight: 88.5kg Shelves: 2 Volume: 119.9 litres
  • Security Safe Large T6-331

    RRP £402.00 (excluding VAT)

    External H: 610mm W: 390mm D: 410mm
    Internal H: 582mm W: 363mm D: 292mm
    Weight: 47kg Shelves: 2 Volume: 61.7 litres
  • Security Safe XX Large T0-331

    RRP £609.00 (excluding VAT)

    External H: 950mm W: 551mm D: 502mm
    Internal H: 909mm W: 520mm D: 359mm
    Weight: 99.8kg Shelves: 3 Volume: 169.7 litres

In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.