S1010 Compact Lockout Pouch (Unfilled)

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S1010 Compact Lockout Pouch (Unfilled)

S1010 Compact Lockout Pouch (Unfilled)

  • Compact and convenient design
  • Velcro straps on back allow pouch to be easily applied or removed from a belt
  • Straps also serve as a breakaway feature in the event it is caught in machinery
  • Unfilled  – customise with products of your choice

Additional Information

Weight 0.181 kg
Dimensions 159 (H) x 228 (W) x 108 (D) mm


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In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.