Deep System Cabinets for 48 bunches

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Deep System Cabinets for 48 bunches

System 48/D

  • A key cabinet with increased depth – Ideal for storing bunches of keys
  • Strongly made steel cabinet with flush closing rim to resist forced entry
  • Adjustable colour coded and numbered hook bars allow the layout to be customised
  • Ingenious key tabs are designed to hang so that the number is always visible
  • Closed loops included for use with optional security seals
  • Key locations can be recorded on the control index which is removable for added security
  • Durable Light Grey paint finish will suit most environments
  • Supplied with security lock and 2 keys

Additional Information

Weight 5.000 kg
Dimensions 355 (H) x 300 (W) x 120 (D) mm



48 bunches

Locking Options

B – 3/4 Wheel Mechanical Combination, D – Padlocking Cam Lock, F – CL1000, I – La Gard 702, L – Safe Logic

B – 3/4 Wheel Mechanical Combination from £144 extra

A combination lock used extensively in the safe industry. Offers in excess of 1 million combination’s.

A 4-wheel lock is required on Euro Grade 4 & 5 – Add £191.00

D – Padlocking Cam Lock £12.50 extra

Designed to replace the standard cam lock, this option accepts padlocks with a 7mm or 8mm diameter shackle. Note: Not available on K0 and K1 prepared for Euro Cylinder. Padlock not included.

F – CL1000 £73 extra

Entry level electronic lock with programmable 4-digit code, designed to replace the standard Cam Lock.

I – La Gard 702 £350 extra

VdS Class 2 electronic lock with time delay. Audit last 500 Events

1 master .1 manager .28 users . Software required

L – Safe Logic £299 extra

VdS Class 1 lock with single user code, master override code and time penalty on incorrect code entry


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Deep System Key Cabinets

A short video showing the features of the Securikey Deep System Key Cabinets. Ideal for storing bunches of keys.

Run time: 0m 34s

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In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.