35 years and counting, Lynn’s Securikey journey

As the longest serving member of the Customer Service Team, Lynn boasts 35 years of service at Securikey. Dedicated to delivering first-class customer service, Lynn is an integral part of not only the Customer Service Team but the wider Securikey team, too.

Previously working at an aerospace engineering company with her now husband, Lynn and her partner were looking to buy a house. Needing to fund their new venture, Lynn decided to change her job in order to increase her income. After a successful interview process, Lynn was offered two different jobs, but chose to start her new career at Securikey and hasn’t looked back since.

The Customer Service Team at Securikey

The Customer Service Team, Left to right:- Dee, Lynn, Amy and Emily.

An average day for Lynn

It all starts with a cup of tea, one of Lynn’s non-negotiables. Once fuelled for the day ahead, Lynn begins meticulously working through her emails, navigating customer queries, new orders and internal communications. As a quick response time is paramount to quality service, Lynn is always keeping a watchful eye on her inbox.

Common customer queries

Dealing with customer queries on a daily basis, Lynn is well versed in solving problems. A common problem that she regularly solves occurs when excited holidaymakers attempt to retrieve their passports from their locked safes. Often with very little time to spare, customers call Lynn’s team with the hope of regaining access to both their safe and passports. Doing all that they can to gain entry, the Customer Service Team go above and beyond to support customers when they need it the most. If all else fails, Lynn will liaise with local locksmiths to ensure customers can retrieve their belongings in the nick of time.

More than just a job

For Lynn, relationships with customers have evolved over her years of service, allowing customers to feel more like friends and family. Transitioning to a valued friendship, Lynn now socialises in her free time with one of her longest standing customers, forming a treasured friendship that has stood the test of time.

Years of experience and dedication

Proud of her long-standing service, Lynn’s colleagues use her years of experience on a daily basis. The team have a saying ‘If it’s about old people or old things, ask Lynn, she’ll know’.

The favourite part of Lynn’s day

A keen problem-solver, Lynn is passionate about supporting customers however she can. Thriving on offering a perfect balance of proactive and reactive customer service, Lynn is a solutionist that’s dedicated to her craft. As excellent communication is one of Lynn’s greatest strengths, speaking to customers comes naturally to her and is actually one of the favourite aspects of her role.

Lynn’s favourite memory from the last 35 years

Becoming engaged just two weeks after starting at Securikey, one of Lynn’s favourite memories from her 35 years of service is focused around her wedding. Getting married in 1992, many Securikey colleagues attended her special day, including Managing Directors both previous and current. Reminiscing over the day, Lynn remembers (not for the right reasons) some of the Securikey Team’s poor attempts at Karaoke. Hopefully they have brushed up on their singing skills over the years.


In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.