Security Safes & Cabinets
Security Safes & Cabinets

Security Safes & Cabinets

Built to the highest manufacturing standards, our Security Safes are designed to protect a wealth of valuable items within a range of environments.

Catering to both private and commercial clients, our Security Safes enable secure storage of money, documents, jewellery, and larger items such as power tools and mobile phones. We also supply products that conform to the safe custody of drug regulations.

With each product we utilise a Cash Rating system, which provides you with information to determine the ideal safe for your needs. All of our security safes are also rated on their ability to prevent an attack, including forced entry.

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Micro Vault

The Micro Vault is a compact and affordable solution to your storage needs, with a cash rating of £1,000 which gives security protection for your valuables, cash and important documents.


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Euro Vault Bronze

Our vaults are perfect for the safekeeping of cash and other small valuables for personal and light commercial use. They can be integrated into existing security systems and are able to meet a variety of needs and environments.

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Mini Vault S2 Silver

The recently enhanced Mini Vault Silver range of freestanding safes offers an incredibly robust security solution for safekeeping cash and valuables and is ideal for a wide range of applications, including domestic properties, hotel rooms and offices.

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Mini Vault S2 Gold Fire Resistant

The Mini Vault Gold Fire Resistant range of fire safes has been constructed using a special double-walled design using a fire resistant barrier material that meets standard DIN 4102.

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Euro Grade Safes

The Euro Grade safes are constructed from solid steel, fitted with steel sliding bolts and are independently tried and tested to ensure their quality.

As well as featuring a single security key lock, these excellent and reliable safes have a variety of locking options and sizes.

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Underfloor Security Safes

Our underfloor safes offer concealed security for valuable items of both personal and commercial use. Available at affordable prices, as well as a range of sizes, these secure safes comply with both European standards and insurance company requirements.

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DIY Safes

DIY safes are the perfect solution for domestic use as they can be surface mounted or positioned beneath a suspended floor. They’re easy to fit, and are available with a variety of locking options and a range of sizes.

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Deposit Safes

Deposit safes are a discreet option for depositing cash, keys and other valuable items, but are accessible without the need for keys or codes. They offer both security and ease of use for the user.

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Master Lock Security Safes

The Master Lock security safes come in two different options, each with their own unique way of securely keeping your items safe. Both our ‘X’ series and ‘T’ series are constructed from solid steel and fitted with steel sliding bolts and a single security lock.

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Secure Stor

Our Secure Stor product offers the same security provided by our Steel Stor range but is constructed from lighter weight materials, making them ideal for upper floor installations. They’re also fully tested and certified to EN 14450 S1 by VdS in Germany and offer a £2,000 cash rating and £20,000 valuables rating.


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Medical Storage

Designed to suit all needs when dealing with the safe storage of medical products, our medical cabinets offer a range of security measures.

Our ‘Bronze Level’ security products offer the ability to keep general First Aid items safe, while our ‘Silver & Gold’ levels are able to secure controlled drugs that are governed by the Home Office Drugs Inspectorate direction of control.

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Fire Stor

With a VdS approved safety lock and five heavy duty locking bolts , our Fire Stors offer the perfect defence against both fire and forced entry. They’re also fully tested and certified to EN 14450 S1 by VdS in Germany and offer a £2,000 cash rating and £20,000 valuables rating.

Fire protection is provided by a double wall construction, with fire resistant barrier material to DIN 4102. Available in a range of sizes and locking mechanisms, it will keep your valuables secure should the unthinkable happen.

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Gun Cabinets

Manufactured to exceed the UK requirement for firearms storage, our gun cabinets offer the best protection from theft or misuse.

Security Safes and Cabinets FAQ

Q: What is VdS™?

A: VdS Schadenverhütung* is the independent, international, accredited and notified testing and certification institution for fire prevention and safety technology as well as for physical and electronic protection against intrusion.

With over a century of experience, VdS inspects and certifies products as well as services for the safety and security industry. All procedures follow standards and rules established by VdS in cooperation with the insurance industry and international organizations.

Every Securikey Euro Grade product is independently approved and certified by VdS, after undergoing a rigorous and exhaustive series of technical and practical tests. This is signified by the issuing and mounting of the appropriate badge.

Q: What locks must my safe be fitted with for it to maintain the VdS rating?

A: This depends upon the type of safe:

  • Euro Grade 0 – a single class 1 lock
  • Euro Grade 1 – a single class 1 lock
  • Euro Grade 2 – a single class 1 lock
  • Euro Grade 3 – two class 1 locks or a single class 2 lock
  • Euro Grade 4 – two class 2 locks
  • Euro Grade 5 – two class 2 locks

Q: Does my safe need fixing to the floor / wall?

A: Any safe less than 1 metric tonne must be fixed to the floor / wall, as per the manufacturers installation instructions.

Q: How far does the rotary deposit trap protrude inside the safe?

A: For Euro Grade and Steel Stor safes, it protrudes 200mm maximum.

Q: Can a Euro Grade safe be supplied left hand hinged?

A: Yes at extra cost and to order only. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q: Do Euro Grade safes have a rear fixing facility?

A: The rear fixing option is supplied as standard in Euro Grade 1, 2 & 3 safes.

Q: Which Euro Grade safes will accept till drawers?

A: Please measure the till drawer before ordering. However a standard till drawer will fit any Euro Grade safe, with an internal depth of 375mm.

Q: Does Securikey buy old / unwanted safes?

A: No, however one of our Locksmiths / Stockist may be able to assist you.

Q: Does Securikey remove old / unwanted safes?

A: Yes, however there would be a charge involved. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q: What is the extra depth of a Euro Grade safe for the handle or different locking option?

A: The additional depth is approximately 45mm.

Q: What is the depth of the keypad and handle on Mini Vault Silver & Mini Vault Gold FR?

A: The additional depth is approximately 35mm.


In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.