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Welcome to the Securikey Standards FAQs section. We have added the most often asked questions here but if you have any other questions please contact 01252 311888 and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Where no clear industry standards exist, Securikey has developed its own rating system to aid product selection. We have applied over 40 years experience within the security industry to these standards, and found them to be an excellent measure of strength and durability.

  • Bronze Rated
    Where a base level
    of protection or
    security is required.
  • Silver Rated
    Offering additional
    security and strength, over
    and above Bronze level.
  • Gold Rated
    Products which provide the
    highest possible standard of
    security in each range.


Each Securikey safe is tested and classified by the level of security it provides and designated by a cash rating from £1,000 up to £100,000. For the storage of valuables, ratings can be calculated by multiplying the cash amount by 10. These ratings are a guide and its important that you liaise with your insurance company prior to any installation.

  • £1k
  • £2k
  • £3k
  • £4k
  • £6k
  • £10k
  • £17.5k
  • £35k
  • £60k
  • £100k


Securikey fire resistant safes and cabinets are classified by the level of protection they offer when involved in a fire. This is reinforced by independent testing of certain models, which are rated as 60 minutes at 950° C. Where no independent test has been carried out the model /range is simply shown as ‘Fire Resistant’, giving you peace of mind that your documents or valuables will survive if the unthinkable should happen.

  • fire-resistant-icon
  • 950℃ 60min


Many Securikey cash and fire safes have undergone independent testing to European standards. Each is approved and certified after undergoing a rigorous and exhaustive series of technical and practical tests, for use within a diverse range of applications and environments. This is signified by the issuing and mounting of the appropriate badge showing the name of the test house and model number. In addition, Securikey also include an insurance certificate, detailing the recommended level of protection.

  • Vds badge

  • AiS Approved

27 September 2011

The AiS Approved Safe Scheme was launched just a month or two ago and has been enthusiastically embraced by many leading safe makers. At the recent MLA Expo at the Telford International Centre the AiS Approved logo was displayed on dozens of safes around the hall.

Safe manufacturers, importers or principal distributors are invited to send copies of their certificates to the Association of Insurance Surveyors for scrutiny. If the certificates have been issued by the BRE/LPCB, a member of the European Fire & Security Group (EFSG) or the European Certification Board – Security (ECB.S), the safes are classed as ‘AiS Approved’.

The company concerned is then authorised to display the AiS Approved logo in their literature and on their websites. They are also permitted to display a distinctive label on their safes and their entry in forthcoming issues of the AiS Safe List will be highlighted in the association’s corporate plum colour.

As this scheme progresses (SMP, Dudley, Fichet, Securikey, Burton, Wertheim, Insafe/Guardian have already been processed) life will become easier for everyone; insurance surveyors, risk managers, local security specialists and of course, customers. When they need to be certain that the safe they are recommending, supplying, insuring or purchasing has been tested and certified by a laboratory recognised by all major British insurers and accepted for the full recommended indemnity value, they only need to look for the AiS Approved logo or ensure it has a plum coloured entry in the latest AiS Safe List.

The scheme has been so successful that it has already been extended to cover vault doors with A to Z Safe Warehouse (Wertheim) being the first company to receive AiS Approved status.

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In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.