Road Safety Mirrors

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Road Safety Mirrors are specifically designed to improve road safety at dangerous junctions, near concealed entrances and where a driver’s view is blocked by obstacles. They provide a wide angle view to drivers at strategic places on the road and enable them to make better driving decisions and so reduce road accidents. They can be fitted in no time and are cost effective.

Often road junctions are obscured by trees, walls or structures or the road angle creates blind or difficult to see areas. These junctions are usually noted as “black spots” by the local community and the emergency services who deal with the resulting road accidents. On fast roads with hidden entrances, traffic mirrors allow drivers to see left or right without having to nose the vehicle into the path of high speed traffic such as HGVs. A well-positioned convex mirror gives the driver the additional information they need] to read the road correctly, highlighting potential road risks or confirming when the obscured road is clear.

These mirrors hold many unique features. The scientifically engineered radius of curvature and safety enhancing red reflective stripes make these convex mirrors the most operative road safety mirrors on the market. They are offered in both round and rectangle designs and come complete with heavy duty pole mounting clamp to suit a 75mm diameter pole. The optional wall mounting plate is required if you decide to mount your traffic mirror to a flat surface.

Our Road Safety Mirrors


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