What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

When you first look at the range of padlocks on the market choosing the best one can seem like an impossible task but it really shouldn’t be, you just need to identify the job it will be used for. To do that ask yourself these simple questions:

  • What is it you need to secure? – Some padlocks are bigger than others
  • Will you use it indoors or outdoors? – Some padlocks are designed to withstand extreme elements while others are made for indoor use only.
  • How many people will need to access the padlock? – Some padlocks are more convenient for multi-person use than others.
  • Will you need to reset the padlock’s code overnight or after a certain period of time? – Some combination padlocks will not allow this and others will.

Once you know what the padlock needs to secure, where it will be located, how many people need access, and if the access codes ever need to be changed you can then review the types of padlocks available.

Types of Padlocks

There are a number of names for different types of padlocks so let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular ones to help clear the fog of jargon.

Smart Padlocks

What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

Bluetooth® Smart Indoor Padlock

Everything is getting smart at the moment and padlocks are too. You can now get Bluetooth activated padlocks that are opened via an application on your smartphone. They can often be opened by more than one person, so a full workforce has access to the padlock without needing to have a key for each, or every employee needing to remember a code.

They can even provide temporary access which can be great if an employee is on trial or on a contract for a number of weeks. Once they no longer need access to the padlock their permissions can be revoked. You can be made aware of any attempts to damage or break the padlock via an email notification. You can get Bluetooth smart padlocks to be used indoors and smart padlocks to be used outdoors, and they both look as cool and modern as they sound.

Disability Discrimination Act Padlocks

What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

SmoothSpin Combination Padlock With Key Control

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Padlocks are sometimes referred to as “equality padlocks”. They are the result of the Disability Discrimination Act in 1995 that stated companies had to be mindful of those living with disabilities when designing products, and were urged to make innovative products to cater for their needs.

As a result, you can now find padlocks that make operating a padlock much easier for disabled people. These predominantly target people that have weaknesses in their hands or difficulty gripping the padlock with sufficient force. These types of padlocks could also be useful to people who suffer from arthritis, or carpal tunnel or have recently had hand or wrist surgery. They have been designed so users do not need to grip them tightly, twist parts, or exhibit much force when opening or closing them.

You can get DDA Padlocks that can be opened by rubbing and you can get DDA padlocks where you push the key inside rather than twisting the key.

Some Other Popular Types

There are plenty of other types of popular padlocks that come in useful. To give you a crash course on them and their common purposes, here is a list of some of them:

  • Combination locks – A combination lock removes the stress of having to look after a key and is often used for lockers, luggage, gates and sheds. You can find these padlocks with a re-settable capability which can enhance security in certain scenarios.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

40mm set-your-own combination padlock; brass finish

  • Locker locks – These are perfect for people who often forget their padlock’s code as a lot of them come with an administrative key which overrides the forgotten combination.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

48mm 3-Digit, Dial Combination Padlock, With Key Control

  • Special purpose locks – These are great to lock a trailer or bike. They are also adopted by restaurant owners as a way to lock together their outdoor furniture at the end of an evening. Locking them together can save time and wage expenditure compared to bringing them indoors each evening and putting them back outside each morning.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

  • Excell padlocks – These padlocks are made from materials that make them tougher to damage and withstand physical attacks. They’re perfect at guarding your more valuable possessions.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

80mm Stainless Steel Discus Padlock

  • Pro-series padlocks – If you need a padlock that will remain outdoors and you want one to last an extended amount of time, then you should consider a pro series padlock. These are very resistant to extreme weather.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

54mm Pro Series Padlock

Padlock Materials

All of those different types of padlocks are great, I hear you say, but what you really need is a standard durable padlock but you don’t know what material it should be made of. Brass? Steel? Zinc?! Well, let’s have a look at the different materials and what that means for you.

  • Solid Bass – Brass padlocks are strong, durable, and affordable. They are a great all-rounder.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

70mm Brass Padlock

  • Laminated Steel – Laminated steel padlocks are designed to withstand heavy physical abuse and are a good deterrent against theft.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

40mm Laminated Steel Padlock

  • Stainless Steel – This construction method is optimised for weather resistance. If you need a padlock to perform while being exposed to the full force of the weather than this is a good choice.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

70mm Discus Padlock

  • Chrome-Plated Zinc – Chrome-plated zinc gives you great weather-resistant abilities and is extremely strong. These are the best choice for situations where outside security is a top priority.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

64mm Zinc Die-Cast Body Padlock

  • Aluminium – Aluminium padlocks perform well outside for more lightweight duties such as garden gates, cupboards, or storage lockers. While not as heavy-duty as zinc or stainless steel they are more affordable.
What Type Of Padlock Do You Need?

40mm Aluminium Padlock Black

Where to Buy Them?

If you need a new padlock then consider our exceptional range of padlocks designed to cater for different people with different needs from an array of industries. For more information speak to one of our friendly and experienced team members, today!


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