A Guide to Safety Lockout Products

Safety lockout products are designed to give you and your team the peace of mind and security that you need when carrying out your duties. There are all sorts of products available that can make your workforce safer and more secure. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend, there are a wealth of solutions available to you. In this guide, we will take a closer look at some of the most effective and useful safety lockout products on the market and explain how they can benefit you. These include lockout hasps, safety padlocks, group lockout cabinets, safety tags, cable, electrical and valve lockouts, lockout stations and lockout kits.

The different types of safety lockout products

Lockout Hasps

Lockout hasps play a pivotal role in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. Lockout hasps are attached to the isolating points and ensure power doesn’t return until padlocks have been removed. They are designed to offer multi-person lockouts and ensure energy sources are totally locked out until all workers have unlocked their padlocks from them. Our lockout hasps come in a range of shapes, styles and sizes.

A Guide to Safety Lockout Products

Scissor Type Safety Lockout Hasp

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Safety Padlocks

Our safety padlocks come in a range of forms, including products made from Zenex plastic, laminated steel and solid brass. Safety padlocks are available for the vast majority of applications. Strong steel padlocks are the ideal solution for preventing abusive handling, with aluminium being highly resistant to environmental corrosion. Zenex padlocks are designed with lockout applications in mind and are resistant to dropping, corrosion, UV light and moisture.

A Guide to Safety Lockout Products

S33 Safety Padlock Colour Variations

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Group lockout cabinets

With group lockout cabinets, you can ensure goods cannot be accessed until each worker has removed their padlock. These cabinets are ideal for those wishing to store vital lockout equipment and keys during and after isolations. There are various portable varieties available for enhanced flexibility.

A Guide to Safety Lockout Products

Emergency Key Box Safety Lockout 10 Holes

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Safety Tags

Our safety tags make the processes and tasks attached to workplace organisation much easier. It’s easy to customise our safety tags towards your needs so specific information about names, departments and completion times can be added. It’s also possible to write on the safety tags so key people working on a project can be easily identified. Heavy-duty and extreme-duty extreme tags are available.

A Guide to Safety Lockout Products

497A – Heavy Duty English Tags

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Electrical Lockouts

We offer a range of solutions for electrical lockouts, including products to protect against accidental reconnection that enable simple installation, application and storage. These products often come complete with hi-vis permanent safety labels and tough bodies to withstand chemicals. Many solutions can be used with the vast majority of 110 plugs and many 220-volt plugs, with rotating designs allowing for installation in tight spaces.

Rotating Electrical Plug Lockout

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Cable lockouts

Cable lockout products are designed for locking out multiple items and can be used with larger equipments. To use our cable lockout solutions, push the cables through lock points and back out via the lockout body. The patented, simple-to-use lockout feature allows you to remove slack with ease. Insulation for the steel cable is provided by the PVC-free plastic coating. The lockouts are the perfect solution for multiple circuit breaker panel and side-by-side valve lockouts.

A Guide to Safety Lockout Products

S806 Cable Lockout 4mm X 1830mm

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Valve Lockouts

Valve lockouts enable you to lock out valves when maintenance work is taking place to prevent injuries whilst making sure valves remain switched off and operation is prevented. The valve lockouts are designed to work in challenging environments and situations, including where space is limited and when working with insulated pipes.

A Guide to Safety Lockout Products

Rotating Gate Valve Lockout

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Lockout Stations

A lockout station is an ideal place to store your lockout products safely. We offer a range of durable, dependable lockout stations for isolating and locking out potentially dangerous plant and machinery equipment. We can provide empty and filled stations to deliver the safety, security and peace of mind that you require. A filled lockout station can include items such as hasps, hanger clips, circuit breakers, plug covers, safety tags and wall switch covers. If you already have the lockout facilities that you need, simply opt for an unfilled solution for easy storage and access.

A Guide to Safety Lockout Products

Lockout Station, Electrical

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Lockout Kits

Our lockout kits provide you with a variety of key facilities to implement a lockout process effectively. Lockout kits enable you to organise essential electrical and valve lockout devices and are frequently stored inside vehicles to deliver easy access on the move. Features include velcro straps which can act as a breakaway feature should the pouch become trapped in machinery and enable to you to apply to and remove the pouch from belts.

A Guide to Safety Lockout Products

Compact Safety Lockout Pouch, Unfilled

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Where can I get lockout safety products from?

Our approved re-sellers can supply you with all the lockout safety solutions that you require. Whatever your requirements are, you can find the solutions that you need within our safety lockout range.


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