A Guide to Fireproof Safes

At Securikey, we offer a wide range of fireproof safes to deliver the security and peace you require in the event of a fire. Our solutions are fire resistant and can protect your vital documents and items from harm. Fireproof safes are storage units which can protect your valuables if the worst does happen and fire does break out. Fireproof safes can come in the form of boxes, cabinets, vaults and more. Many fireproof safes offer water resistance, protecting the contents from floods, hoses, sprinklers and other sources of moisture. Our safes are designed to resistant physical attacks, and they have been tested independently for quality. Read on to find more about our fireproof safes and why it makes so much sense to invest in one today.

The Different Types of Fireproof Safes

Mini Vaults Gold FR

There are various variations of the Mini Vault Gold FR available. These mini vaults are designed to keep your documents, cash and valuables safe. The FR model is able to boast double walled construction for heightened peace of mind and comes with a fire-resistant barrier material to the DIN 4102 standard. Other features include the 25mm hardened steel locking bolts, the 8mm anti-bludgeon door and the combined body thickness of 6mm. There are three different sizes to choose from and you can either opt for key or electronic locking mechanisms. The electronic models come with changeable codes, LED indicators and low power options. All models come complete with a battery-operated motion sensitive light.

A Guide to Fireproof Safes

Mini Vault 0 S2 Gold FR Key Locking

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Master Lock Fireproof Safes

The Master Lock Digital Fire Safe models come with up to 120-minute fire protection and 24-hour water resistance up to 200mm. These models are ideal for commercial and domestic applications and are ideal for the storage of essential valuables and documents.

A Guide to Fireproof Safes

1 Hour Digital Fire Safe XX Large LFW205FYC

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Fire Stor Storage Cabinets

The Fire Stor fire and burglar-resistant storage cabinets are ideal for those on a budget looking for the most affordable ways to keep valuables and documents safe. All cabinets have a fire-resistant infill to the DIN 4102 standard and are double-walled. Five heavy-duty locking bolts come as standard, with each model also coming with a VdS approved safe lock. It’s possible to add a number of additional fittings to the cabinets, and these include shelves, a pull-out frame for suspension fills and a lockable inner compartment.

Fire Stor 1024 S1

Fire Stor 1024 S1

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Master Lock Fireproof Chests

There are four models currently available as part of our Master Lock fireproof chests range. These models are ideal for both domestic and light commercial needs. Fire ratings of 30 or 50 minutes are available, as are capacities ranging from 5 to 18.5 litres. It’s possible to obtain a model with a water resistance of a maximum of 72 hours.

A Guide to Fireproof Safes

Fire Chest X Large LFHW40102

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The Securikey Standard

In some cases, no industry standards are available. This is why we have developed our own rating systems for many of our products, using our four decades of experience to measure durability and strength. Bronze-rated products have a base level of protection or security, whilst Silver rated items provide additional strength and security. Our Gold level products offer the highest standard of protection, security and strength in each range.

Securikey Standards

Securikey Cash Ratings

We also use a cash rating system to classify our safes. Each safe has a cash rating of between £1,000 up to £100,000. To work out which safe is right for your valuables, you can take the cash rating and multiply it by ten. We do advise you to contact your insurance company before you install any Securikey safe.

Securikey Cash Ratings

Securikey fire protection ratings

We classify our fire-resistant safes and cabinets by the level of protection they provide when a fire breaks out. Certain models also undergo independent testing. If independent tests have not been carried out for a specific product, we declare the model or range to be ‘fire resistant’. This reassures you that your items can be retrieved if a fire does occur.

Securikey fire protection

Securikey Certification and Testing

A vast number of our cash and fire safes have been the subject of independent testing to European standards. These safes undergo a stringent, exhaustive range of practical and technical tests to ensure they are fit for use in various environments. Each of these safes receives a badge which displays the test hour name and model number. We also issue insurance certificates, which provide details on recommended protection levels.

Securikey certification and testing

Our approved re-sellers can supply you with all the fireproof safe solutions that you require. Whatever your requirements are, you can find the solutions that you need within our fireproof safe range.


In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.