A Buyers Guide To Convex Mirrors

If you’ve ever been to one of those crazy mirror rooms in a funfair, you’ll know that not all mirrors are the same. Some mirrors can make you look bigger or smaller. This is due to the design of the mirror. A convex mirror is a mirror shaped in a manner that allows your field of view to be extended and when placed correctly it can be used to enhance your safety.

A convex mirror is a mirror with an outward curve. You may not know them by their name, but you will have encountered them in everyday life. On a convex mirror there is a point sometimes referred to as the focus. The focus is the spot of the mirror that is most protruding from the surface and is where the light hits first. When strategically placed, this allows the mirror to focus in on a particular area being reflected.

Having a mirror which can zone in on one area is exceptionally useful when it comes to safety. This is why these mirrors are widely used in an array of industries. Yet, there isn’t just one standard convex mirror for all. There are different types of convex mirrors. Read on to discover them and their particular uses.

The Different Types of Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors have a lot of different uses. Below we have listed out just some of the most common ones.

Traffic Mirrors

The most common place you’ll have probably seen them is at a road side to help drivers navigate blind spots safely. You often see them outside schools, junctions and other high-risk areas. Some residents who live on bends like to place them opposite their homes so they can leave their driveway with the knowledge that nobody is going to come speeding around the corner and cause a disastrous collision.

A Buyers Guide To Convex Mirrors

800mm Pro Series Traffic Mirror

These mirrors are designed to be used outside and their impact resistant acrylic faces are very durable. They can be round or rectangular in order to enable installation in areas with a restricted height.

Commercial Uses

Convex mirrors are often used on commercial premises. Either installed in a static location to help in car parks, narrow corners, and high-traffic areas or installed on vehicles such as forklift trucks to make operation and carrying heavy loads much safer when manoeuvring.

A Buyers Guide To Convex Mirrors

300 x 150mm Fork Lift Mirror with ABS Back

Some commercial convex mirrors are designed for specific uses such as food processing factories and are designed to meet food processing standards.

Anti-Vandalism Security Mirrors

Anti-Vandalism convex mirrors are an effective deterrent to vandals that have been causing a nuisance or pose a threat to your property.

A Buyers Guide To Convex Mirrors

450mm Stainless Steel Anti-Vandal Mirror

Designed to be hard wearing with an unbreakable mirror face allowing them to be installed in areas that need illuminating and can be just as effective as cameras and are a cheaper option. You can also use these mirrors in conjunction with a camera rather than having to buy two cameras. This saves you money and keeps the whole of your premises secured.

Institution Mirrors

Institution mirrors are often used in police stations, prisons and secure hospitals, institution mirrors offer unique features that meet stringent Home Office, Police and Prison Service standards such as the Anti Ligature design. Designed to be extremely hard-wearing and easy to look after they can be installed in corridors, cells, and rooms to provide addition safety at an affordable cost.

A Buyers Guide To Convex Mirrors

500 x 500mm Half Face Stainless Institution Mirror

These mirrors have a compact design and are shaped to provide the most effective vision and are available with stainless steel or polycarbonate reflective faces. Full domes can be installed on ceilings and give a full 360 degree view of the room, half face mirrors mounted on a wall can give 180 degree of vision, and quarter domes on corridor corners so it is essential that you know where the mirror will be placed before your purchase one.

Portable Inspection Mirrors

Another common use of convex mirrors are portable inspection mirrors. These are smaller lightweight mirrors attached to the end of a pole and are used to help the police and border force officers to check under vehicles for concealed substances and trafficking.

A Buyers Guide To Convex Mirrors

230mm Heavy Duty Portable Inspection Mirror with Light

Interior or Exterior Mirrors

Finally, it is worth mentioning that convex mirrors are designed for inside or outside use. External mirrors are generally more durable and heavy duty, able to withstand all weather conditions. Internal mirrors are generally lightweight and compact to enable installation in confined areas.

As with all convex mirrors it is important that you assess the location where you will install the mirror and use the most suitable mirror.

Additional Information

To help you find the best mirror for you we have created a table providing dimensions and viewing distances. Click here to view our convex mirror distance chart.

Where Can I get One From?

We offer many different types of convex mirrors designed for different purposes and they’re always supplied with the most suitable brackets. To discuss your convex mirror needs further, do not hesitate to speak to one of our approved re-sellers.


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