Fire Stor Security Cabinets
Fire Stor Security Cabinets

Fire Stor Security Cabinets

Our range of secure fire and burglary resistant storage cabinets are an affordable solution for the safekeeping of both valuables and documents.

The cabinets are double-walled with a fire resistant infill to DIN 4102

Each model is fitted as standard with five heavy-duty bolts secured on three sides and a VdS approved safe lock.

Insurance companies’ ratings can vary with higher or lower figures applied depending upon risk, location and locking option. If it is important then please check with your insurers.


  • Shelves
  • Pull-out frame to accommodate suspension files
  • Lockable inner compartment (180mm high on single door models and 300mm high on the double door models)

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In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.