Securikey Underfloor Safes – The Hidden Security Solution

Underfloor Safes from Securikey

Underfloor Safes from Securikey

Securikey is one of the few physical security suppliers that offers a comprehensive range of products suitable for applications from domestic to high end commercial, with full listing on the AIS list. One range that is becoming increasingly popular are Securikey’s underfloor safes, which offer the perfect ‘hidden security’ solution. Suitable for homes or small commercial premises such as offices, each floor safe is engineered to meet insurance company requirements and comply with European legislation, providing an extremely high level of security that can be achieved without breaking the bank.

Designed for installation in a concrete style floor, Protector floor safes offer a wide range of security levels depending on where they are installed. Available in five sizes, including two deposit models, the Protector range features interlocking bolts that can be controlled either by key or a keyless combination lock depending on the customer’s preference. This, combined with anti-drill features and a choice of interchangeable doors covering three cash ratings, offers exceptionally high levels of security. The Protector ABP range also offers protection against thermal attack for added peace of mind.

The Housesafe range is designed especially for home use, as these underfloor safes are economical, quick and easy to install and are an effective security option for safekeeping cash, valuables, vital documents and items of sentimental value. Available in three models, each Housesafe model is secured with a high quality safe lock.

The DIY range provides secure storage for a variety of valuable items, including A4 papers, passports, insurance certificates or jewellery. These are ideal for those who want a reliable solution they can install themselves, as the range is designed for those with little or no specialist security knowledge. Models can be installed under a timber floor as well as being surface mounted when fitted between the joists of a suspended floor. Securikey will provide advice on correct installation at the point of purchase.

Lock options include a VdS class 1 approved safe lock or the Euro Profile half cylinder, which provides the option of a convenient ‘one key’ solution. This means the key holder can use, for instance, the same front door or main office key to access the hidden floor safe, making security quick and convenient and reducing the risk of safe keys being lost. Securikey can also provide additional fixtures/ fittings in order to better meet the customers’ needs.

For more information on selecting the correct floor safe model to meet security requirements, please contact Securikey on 01252 311888, email


In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.