Safety whilst working at height

Dropped object protection
Tool tethering solutions from Securikey

What is dropped object protection? Dropped object protection is preventing falling and dropped objects when working at height.

Tool tethering solutions are more important in the workplace today than ever. Securikey now has a selection from Key-Bak Toolmate to provide protection to a wide variety of tools and equipment, preventing them being dropped as well as alleviate the risk to workers lives.

New ANSI / ISEA standards were introduced in July 2018 setting out Best Practice for ‘Tool Tethering (Minimum Designs), ‘Labeling’ and ‘Testing’. Many of our Dropped Object Protection products comply with these new standards.

These innovative and crucial inventions are usually found attached to the harnesses or belts of construction workers, tree surgeons, window cleaners and other professions that involve employees to carry tools at height.

Products in the KEY-BAK TOOLMATE™ range include: 

-Drill shoe tool attachment

Cordless Power Drills and Drivers are used while working at heights everyday by many different trades. Keeping them tethered to workers at height is an essential part of any responsible safety programme.
The ToolMate™ Drill Boot Tool Attachment is revolutionary -the most advanced cordless power drill tethering solution on the market.

The ToolMate Drill Boot Tool Attachment is engineered to last in even the toughest work environments, keeping your costs down and your workers safe and productive.

  • Fits most cordless Power Drills and Drivers with a ‘foot style’ battery pack
  • Innovative, lightweight design.
  • No hook and loop straps to get dirty and degrade. No zipper, buckles or fasteners to wear out and break.
  • Quickly attaches to the most commonly used cordless power drills.
  • ANSI 121-2018 Certified and dynamically drop tested by a 3rd party.
  • Patent Pending


-ToolMate Link Tool Tape

The ToolMate™ Link tool tape activates and bonds as you stretch it. Use with ToolMate Link Strap, Link Strap Loop and Link Cord Loop to instantly tether your existing tool.
ToolMate Link tool tape has been 3rd Party Dynamic Drop Tested with KEY-BAK Pro tool Tethers and Link Attachments. Proven with 2:1 safety factor when used as instructed. Tested and proven for use with KEY-BAK Pro Tethers only. Use in dry conditions only.

-ToolMate Tape Measure Jacket

Keep your tape measure secure and your colleagues safe while working at heights. Dropped tape measures are a real threat to friends and co-workers working below. Keeping them tethered to workers at height is an essential part of any responsible companies safety program.  The ToolMate™ Tape Measure Jacket* is the first of its kind, engineered to last in even the toughest work environments keeping your costs down and your workers safe and productive.
*Tape measure not included.

  • The most advanced tape measure tool tethering solution on the market
  • Innovative, light design
  • No hook and loop straps to get dirty and degrade. No zipper, buckles, or fasteners to wear out and break
  • Quickly attaches to the most commonly used tape measures
  • ANSI 121-2018 Certified
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Dynamic Drop Test Proven
  • 2:1 Factor of Safety
  • Patent Pending


-The ToolMate Smartphone Jacket
Available in two sizes. Designed to fit almost most mobile phones and allowing full function of touch screens, cameras, clear audio and fingerprint readers.

  • Flexible design fits with almost any smartphone and case
  • Clear captive touch screen cover with audio perforations
  • Transparent rear housing to accommodate all cameras
  • Rear opening for fingerprint access and reinforced captive hole for quick ToolMate™ Tether attachment
  • 3rd Party Dynamically Drop Tested to a 2:1 Safety Factor
  • ANSI 121-2018 Certified with patent pending



ToolMate Strap attachments
D-ring with 1.36kg or 2.25kg capacity (top), Cord loop and D-ring 2.25kg capacity (middle) and Strap loop and D-ring 2.25kg capacity (bottom)

  • Ideal for tools which do not have captive eyes, factory installed D-Rings, or any other tool tethering capability.
  • ToolMate Link Tool Tape required
  • Attaches easily to any straight handled tool
  • ANSI 121-2018 Certified and dynamically drop tested by a 3rd party
  • Supplied in packs of 3






Find the full range of Tool Tethering Solutions here. Stop the Drop! 







In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.