Padlocks & Personal Security
Padlocks & Personal Security

Padlocks & Personal Security

Master Lock Padlocks

Master Lock is a name synonymous with quality, security and durability. We offer an unrivalled range of Master Lock products, all of which meet both safety and budget requirements.

For over 90 years Master Lock has been supplying security equipment for commercial and home use, using their years of experience and the growing demands of their client base, to ensure the best products and the highest standards every time.

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Personal Security

We supply a range of personal security devices to keep you safe when you need it most. The range comprises: personal attack alarms, property marking and detection, decoy safes, security metal detector, document security and decoy CCTV cameras.

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Post Boxes

Available in High Security and Standard designs our Post Boxes have been designed for outdoor environments in order to protect both letters and small packets from theft.

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Bluetooth® Smart Padlocks

Master Lock Bluetooth® padlocks give you the control to protect what matters most in your life. Using your smartphone and an easy to use app, you can unlock your lock, give your friends or relatives access anytime, or limit access to day or night.

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Solid Brass Padlocks

With a Master Lock lifetime guarantee, these Solid Brass Padlocks are available in a variety of sizes and with an additional number of options in order to meet your specific security demands.

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Laminated Steel Padlocks

Our Laminated Steel Padlocks are able to provide high-level security against tampering and force, with hardened steel shackles that are not only tough, but include weatherproof locks to deliver extra durability.

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Solid Aluminium Padlocks

With a lightweight design, these Solid Aluminium Padlocks offer extra resistance against corrosion and are perfect for securing lockers, cupboards, storage units, sheds or residential gates.

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Combination Padlocks

The ideal solution for a key-free padlock. These Combination Padlocks come with either programmable or fixed combination, and are ideal for luggage, sports bags, school lockers, gym lockers and sheds.

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Chrome Plated Zinc Padlocks

The perfect choice for external security requirements with great resistance against corrosion and its weatherproof, chrome plated zinc chassis.

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Stainless Steel Padlocks

The ideal choice for optimum security and durability, these Stainless Steel Padlocks provide extra protection against forced entry with its shielded lock design in addition to being both weatherproof and corrosion resistant.

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Excell Padlocks

This boron alloy lock is perfect for commercial and high-security home use, ideal for securing garages, factories or sheds.

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Key Storage

A more vigilant way to ensure keys are kept secure and aren’t left under the mat or in a safe place outside the home. Especially useful for late guests or forgetful children.

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Cables & Chains

Our cables and chains come in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit your requirements. They’re also vinyl coated for greater resistance against wear and tear.

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Hasps and Staples

Perfect for both internal and external use, we stock hasps and staples in a range of materials ideal for a variety of situations including: cupboards, sheds, garages, gates and lockers.

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Special Purpose Locks

Constructed for specific functions and usage including: trailer hitches, bicycles, shipping containers locks and gun triggers.

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DDA (Equality Act) Padlocks

Far less demanding than usual, these padlocks are specifically designed for those who find it hard to grip or have limited movement or strength in their hands, making them easier to operate.

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Locker Locks

Our locker locks feature a wide variety of locking options. Most include the ability to be opened by an administrative key, should the code be forgotten or lost. Available as a combination padlock, or ‘built-in’.

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Safe Space

For security on the go, our safe space is built with robust ABS construction and includes a security cable, attachable to any fixed object for extra protection. Perfect for use at home or while travelling.

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Locksmith Padlock Accessories

This section holds products of interest to locksmiths, containing many products that require assembly and special tools.

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Pro Series Padlocks

A great all-round padlock delivering high level security, forced entry resistance, durability and reliable performance in extreme weather.


Q: I have a ‘Hand Held UV Lamp’. When I switch it on, the light seems to emit from the back of the tube, is the product faulty?

A: No, the tube needs approximately 1 minute to become fully operational.

Q: Will the ‘Fake Banknote Detector Pen’ work on the Euro?

A: Yes it works on the Euro and many other currencies.

In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths association, Eurosafe and ESSA. All of these organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo re-enforces the importance of the independent testing.
  • AIS Approved Safe
  • ESSA Member
  • Master Locksmiths Association Member
  • Secure by Design Official Polices Security Initiative
  • iso9001 Bureau Veritas