Leading supplier Securikey expands product offering with modular vault room range

Leading supplier Securikey has launched the Modulprim, a brand new range of Modular Vault Rooms which joins the company’s already comprehensive portfolio of approved and accredited physical security solutions.

The Modulprim is a bespoke, on-site-assembled modular vault solution for both new build and existing buildings that require a high security room. Consisting of four walls, a floor, ceiling and vault door, Modulprim offers a complete storage facility for money, important documents and other valuables. These vaults can also be supplied as a 5-sided solution (walls and ceiling) if desired, which is often a requirement for the pharmaceuticals market. All vault elements are subjected to extremely rigorous tests to meet European security standard EN1143-1. These were undertaken at the Vds in Germany, ensuring European wide approval, and each product is branded with the appropriate badge as proof of certification.

Adaptable for most room specifications, even those with space constraints or that are located on upper floors, Modulprim components are prefabricated off-site to precisely fit a detailed floor plan that will have been drawn up by Securikey engineers following a comprehensive on-site survey and input from the customer. Once manufactured to the required specification, the specially-made vault elements are then delivered to site and assembled, a process that involves the solid concrete floor being secured before the individual wall panels and ceiling are welded in position.

The Modulprim door is available in Grades ranging from 0-9 depending on the level of security required, with the type and number of locks increasing from a single minimum security key lock for door grades 1-2, up to door grades 6-9 which incorporate a high security key lock and a mechanical combination lock. Door bolts are 40-60mm depending on the security grade selected. The 0-9 level Grading system, coupled with the prefabricated manufacture of vault parts, allows the customer to choose a bespoke solution that is not only exceptionally easy to install, but that also offers optimum security to meet their specific needs.

The Modulprim is not just easy to install, but as a prefabricated modular solution it also offers the added flexibility of being easily modified at a future date. Panels can be removed and relocated by installers and further panels added if required. If the customer should need to move premises completely, the Modulprim can be disassembled and relocated in an appropriate area of the new location.

Further adaptability is offered by the possibility of integrating certified airing, ventilation and/or alarm systems throughout the vault room via customised openings in the walls and door .The Locking /Alarm and ventilation requirement will be established as part of the consultation process and is dependent on the vault size and usage.

Modulprim can be installed on any floor that is capable of taking the minimum load capacity. The walls are manufactured using extremely durable elements, including concrete and reinforced steel for added strength. As well as being very robust, the walls are also small in width thereby enabling the Modulprim to be installed in more compact areas whilst still providing high usability of space. The furnishing of each vault room can also be customised, with mechanical or electronic deposit boxes available, as well as cabinet and rack systems, and even the colour finish on the walls can be selected by the customer. Unique construction also allows for the space above the Modulprim to be used for storage if required, of up to 500Kg per square meter, so even here no space is wasted.

Modulprim doors are manufactured from steel and deliver a level of security that is equal to or higher than the vault room itself. In addition, they offer a choice of features that can be uniquely selected to meet the precise requirements of each customer. These include different types of Day Doors, adaptable frames to suit the thickness of the walls, a variety of handles and a choice of different locks.

Whatever the specification or the requirement, the Securikey Modulprim offers a highly adaptable, secure and reliable vault room solution. For more information or to arrange an on-site survey, please contact Securikey on 01252 311888, email enquiries@securikey.co.uk or go to securikey.co.uk


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In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.