Keylex from Securikey – for access control that is simple, convenient and effective

The Keylex range of mechanical digital door locks from Securikey, a leading supplier of physical security products, offers the perfect access control solution for most buildings from domestic and light commercial to heavy industrial applications – eradicating the need for keys, cards or tokens that could be lost, stolen or damaged.

In order to maintain a secure environment, numerous buildings such as hospitals, offices, military institutions, banks and police stations require an effective means of securing rooms or areas of the building against unauthorised access in order to ensure the safety of staff or to protect valuable items. Keylex mechanical digital door locks offer a straightforward and extremely reliable solution for both internal and external requirements. As they are completely self-contained, all models in the Keylex range are straightforward to install and on the occasion a code might be compromised, reinstating security is quick and easy.

There are four Keylex ranges to choose from, depending on the level of security required: Mini, Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty. In all cases, mechanical operation means that there is no need for wiring or batteries, and stainless steel buttons ensure combination usage is not indicated.

The Mini and the Light Duty ranges both feature a narrow design, allowing them to be installed on doors with stile widths as low as 80mm. Mini is designed for standard duty, low-security internal door installations in either domestic or light commercial applications, whereas the Light Duty range suits aluminium hollow metal sections and also features an optional key override facility.

The Medium Duty Keylex range features an integral slipping clutch mechanism and is designed for high-security external door installations. These digital door locks can be installed on any aluminium hollow metal section with stile widths down to a minimum of 42mm and can also be used as part of a flexible euro profile keying system, whereby one key can be used to open different doors as well as security equipment like safes or mailboxes.

The Keylex Heavy Duty, as the name implies, is built for applications where there is the need for extremely robust security, such as on aircraft hangar doors, where there will be excessive volumes of traffic or where there is a high risk of misuse. Suitable for any external door installation, the design features a robust built-in slipping clutch mechanism that will withstand all but the most violent attacks. The range is proven to deliver many years of service, and offers over 16,000 possible combinations to ensure security is never compromised.

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In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.