Digital Door Locks
Digital Door Locks

Digital Door Locks

The Keylex mechanical digital door locks range offers a number of advantages over keyed locking systems. It allows for tighter access control measures, ensuring that the integrity of a building or area and the safety of staff are never put in jeopardy.

As well as being simple, convenient and effective to use, they’re totally self-contained and don’t have the need for any additional hardware. Digital door locks also don’t require keys, cards or tokens, all of which can be easily damaged, lost or stolen.

Should any security codes be compromised, they can quickly and easily be reinstated to ensure on-going security.

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Mini Digital Door Locks

An ideal choice for timber frames or narrow doors, this slim designed digital lock is a great choice for home or light commercial use.

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Light Duty Digital Door Locks

Perfect for medium security and internal doors, the light duty digital door locks are built for stile widths down to 80mm and hollow aluminium sections.

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Medium Duty Digital Door Locks

The medium duty digital door locks offer the perfect remedy to keep external entrances secure and comply with a more flexible euro profile keying system.

Designed with a higher security demand in mind, these locks are ideal for hollow aluminium sections, and stile widths as low as 43mm.

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Heavy Duty Digital Door Locks

Our Heavy Duty digital door locks offer the best defence for external entrances that require both high security and durability.

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Digital Door Lock Spares

Spares and accessories for the Keylex range.


Handing Locks (& Doors)

All Keylex lock models are ‘field reversible’. Therefore you do not need to specify the hand of the lock when ordering. However, when installing the Keylex 700 on rebated double doors it is necessary to establish the hand of the door in respect of the rebate kit. There are four distinct handing codes describing four possible applications:

  • LH Left Hand = Clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the push side.
  • LHR Left Hand Reverse = Anti-clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the pull side.
  • RH Right Hand = Anti-clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the push side.
  • RHR Right Hand Reverse = Clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the pull side.

The hand of the lock is the same as the hand of the door. The hand of the rebate kit is the same as the hand of the lock.

Rebate Kits (all models)

Two part rebate kits are available (stainless steel) in the following sizes to suit all series of Keylex locks; 13mm, 19mm and 25mm

Extra Thick Doors (all models)

Extra long fixings, spindle extensions and passage turn extensions are available to suit any door thickness.

Blanking Plates (all models)

A blank plate for the passage function facility is available on the all Keylex models as are blanking buttons for the inside lever furniture on Keylex 700, 800 & 500 models only.

Emergency & Panic Exit Devices (K2100 & K700 only)

Conversions are available for all K2100 series and K700 series models allowing operation with rim mounted emergency exit and panic exit devices. Conversions are available for the following manufacturers’ devices (rim mounted applications only – including latch and vertical rod designs).
a) Briton b) Dorma c)Von Duprin

Back-to-Back Operation (K2100 & K700 only)

Bi-directional coded access control via the same door is achieved using either the Keylex model K2100 or K700 in a back-to-back application. ‘Back-to-back’ is not available on Keylex models K800 & K500. K700B is the factory built solution available ex-stock to suit doors 35mm to 50mm thick. K700B2 is the factory built solution available ex-stock to suit doors 50mm to 65mm thick. K2100B is our modification introducing a mounting plate to one side of the door.

This solution particularly addresses security requirements at external gates where it may be possible to access the ‘secure’ side of a gate by reaching through to the other side. This solution should never be introduced to doors on emergency exit routes.

Spy Shields (all models)

Where security is paramount and the opportunity for unauthorized observation of code entry exists, it is possible to introduce a spy shield to reduce the chance of code entry copying. Available to special order on all models.

Knurled Knob (K2100 only)

The normally smooth knob design on Keylex model K2100 can be modified to introduce a knurled or textured finish.This facilitates extra grip for use by the elderly, infirm or operation by those who may have wet hands. Available to special order.

Rim Mounted Solutions (K2100, K800 & K500 only)

Occasionally, door and frame designs dictate that conventional mortice lock solutions become impractical. Rim mounted solutions exist (for the models detailed above) and are, in the case of K800 & K500, normally available exstock. Because of the nature of their operation certain features such as passage function are unavailable. All rim mounted locks are supplied with knob furniture to both sides of the door.


In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.