Convex Safety Mirrors
Convex Safety Mirrors

Convex Safety Mirrors

Our convex safety mirrors offer added safety and security by improving surveillance and eliminating blindspots. With their expert design they can be used in a diverse range of environments and situations to ensure protection.

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Interior Security Mirrors

Our dome or round security interior security mirrors act as a powerful deterrent, eliminating blind spots and allowing staff or security personnel to better monitor their surroundings and inconspicuously observe customer movements.

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Interior / Exterior Mirrors

This range is ideal for use in Hospitals, Care Facilities, Schools, Retail Stores, Shopping Centres, Factories, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Car Parks and a variety of other applications.

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Exterior Safety Mirrors

Our range of exterior mirrors improve safety by optimising your field of vision on blind spots, tight bends, awkward or concealed entrances, exits and car parks, allowing you to emerge safely and reducing the possibility of collision.

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Food Processing Mirrors

Our food processing mirrors have all the features and benefits of our range of internal convex mirrors, as well as conforming to food processing industry standards. Our food processing mirrors include a stainless steel or acrylic face for hygienic cleaning and a stainless steel ‘J’ arm and adjustable mounting bracket as well as an orange vinyl surround for visibility in a factory setting.

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Fork Lift Rear View Mirrors

All round visibility is key when operating a forklift in a confined space; our rear view mirrors for forklifts ensure that you are able to clearly see 180º, significantly reducing blind spots. Our range of forklift rear view mirrors are designed to fit most types of fork-lifts.

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Traffic Mirrors

Visibility is a key element of road safety and traffic mirrors are essential on road juntions where visability is poor. Our traffic mirrors provide maximum visibility at crossroads, intersections and other areas where viewing is restricted.

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Anti-Vandalism Security Mirrors

Our anti-vandalism security mirrors are designed to operate in highly hostile environments. The mirror face is highly polished stainless steel with orange powder galvanized steel back and hood, complete with robust fittings to repel attack.

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Institution Mirrors

The Institutional mirrors have been built to withstand harsh environments and have been police-assessed to ensure their quality.

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Portable Inspection Mirrors

An important item for under-vehicle searches, the portable inspection mirrors offer the portability to be able to detect concealed explosives, weapons or drugs.

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Installation Kits

Alternative installation option for pole/wall mounting.

Convex Mirrors FAQ

Q: Are your mirrors supplied with a fixing bracket?

A: Yes, our mirrors are supplied (where applicable) with a suitable bracket, depending on the style of mirror.

Q: In Fork Lift mirrors, what is the difference between the ABS and T-bar back?

A: The T-bar back is only suitable for internal use. The ABS back is suitable for internal and external use.

Q: Are fixing screws supplied with the Institutional mirrors?

A: No. The fixing used should be appropriate for the substrate on to which the mirror is to be fixed.

Q: Do the mirror dimension(s) include the surround / frame?

A: Yes, except for traffic mirrors, when the dimensions give the actual size of the area you can see.


In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.