• Key Cabinets

    When it comes to keys, you want to make sure they’re safe. From a simple key cabinet to a more advanced issue and monitoring system, Securikey can offer a solution to meet your requirements. Our Key Cabinets are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Providing you with secure storage, thanks to their incredibly robust design. A number of key tracking options are also available, allowing you to monitor your key management through the use of index cards, sign out tabs, closed loops and security seals.
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    Specialist Systems

    Our Specialist Systems are tailored to meet your individual requirements. Based on our Standard Key Cabinet Range, they’ve been modified in order to meet specific needs in a range of applications including residential properties, offices, entertainment venues and industrial applications.
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    Key Vaults

    Due to advanced manufacturing techniques our Key Vaults provide a higher level of security than our standard system cabinets, helping you to meet the requirements of insurance companies. As a result, our Key Vaults a great fit for applications such as Estate Agents, Motor Dealerships, Hospitals and Care Homes.
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    Standard System Cabinets

    Our Standard System Cabinets offer effective key control and protection at an affordable price. They’re popular in a wide variety of applications, including office buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Police Stations and Universities.
    key cabinets
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    Key Cabinet Spares

    Our Key Cabinet spares and accessories are designed to cater for all your organisational requirements.
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    High Security Key Safes

    These safes offer the highest level of key control and are an ideal solution to safeguard against lost or stolen keys in areas of high security. Our High Security Key Safes are a valuable addition to any high-risk commercial applications, such as high-end Motor Dealers, Police Stations, Government Agencies or Banks.

    Key Cabinet Locking Options

    A key cabinet is only as secure as its locking device and Securikey offer a range of alternative locking options that have been designed to be quick and easy to operate and programme. Instructions can easily be downloaded from the support section of the website, where a number of useful operation and programming videos are also available.

    The Securikey Standard

    In order to ensure that you’re making the right choice, Securikey have graded items in terms of strength and security. Bronze products will provide basic content control and access abilities. While silver and gold will provide the highest possible standards of key security within our leading products. For more information on the Securikey Standard, please visit our FAQ section of the website.
    • Bronze Standard
    • Silver Standard
    • Gold Standard

    Key Cabinets FAQ

    Q: What is the vertical spacing of the hooks in your key cabinets?

    A: The spacing for key cabinet hooks is 27mm and for padlock cabinets it is 54mm.

    Q: Locking Option F (Digital Lock) states it is IP54 rated. What does it mean?

    A: It basically means the lock is dust and water resistant. To explain in more detail, we need to break ‘IP54’ down into 3 parts:
    1. The ‘IP’ part is defined as follows: The IP Code (or International Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures. The standard aims to provide users more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.
    2. The ‘5’ relates to dust protection and is defined as follows: Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment.
    3. The ‘4’ relates to splashing water and is defined as follows: Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

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  • Safety Lockout

    Providing essential equipment for the safety and security of your workforce, our safety lockout equipment range includes:
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    Lockout Hasps

    Ensures each workers safety, providing a much needed guard against preventable accident and injury in the workplace. Power cannot be returned until all the padlocks have been removed from the lockout hasp, which is attached to the isolating point.
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    Safety Padlocks

    We stock an extensive range of safety lockout padlocks in a variety of materials including: Solid brass, laminated steel, aluminium and non-conductive Zenex plastic.
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    Group Lockout Cabinets

    Ideal for storing keys used in safety lockout situations, ensuring that the keys cannot be accessed until the last lock has been removed.
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    Safety Tags

    Used for identification purposes our security tags can be tailored to your specific requirements, with optional application of name, department and expected completion date/time.
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    Electrical Lockouts

    This wide range of cutting edge devices help in the safety and security of your workforce when dealing with electrical circuits; delivering effective lockout of electrical shut-off points and equipment.
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    Cable Lockouts

    Perfect for locking out multiple items or for use with larger equipment. Simply push the cable through the desired lock points, then back through the lockout body. Squeeze tight to remove slack with our patented and easy to use locking feature.
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    Valve Lockouts

    Essential for locking out valves during maintenance work, ensuring the valve remains switched off and avoiding needless injury. Our exclusive Master Lock gate and valve lockout equipment effectively locks down the valve, preventing operation.
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    Lockout Stations

    Provides the perfect space for the safekeeping of your lockout equipment. Available on their own or equipped with an assortment of safety lockout and tag out equipment.
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    Lockout Kits

    Providing some of the necessary equipment needed for the successful implementation of a lockout process within your company.

    Safety Lockout Product Videos

    491B Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockout

    Safety Series® Grip Tight™ Circuit Breaker Lockout uses an innovative patent-pending Grip Tight™ design effectively locks out circuit breakers. Fits wide or tall breaker toggles typically found on hi-voltage/hi-amperage breakers.

    496B – Universal Wall Switch Cover

    Safety Series® Universal Wall Switch Cover locks out both toggle and Decora™ Patent-pending design assures switch stays locked on or off. Hinges open for unobstructed normal operations of switch.

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  • Fireproof Safes

    For protection against fire, Securikey’s range of fireproof safes offer the best security in times of need. As well as being fire resistant, these safes will ensure that essential documents and vital items are kept out of harm’s reach. They’re also able to resist physical attacks and are independently tested to ensure their quality.
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    Mini Vault S2 Gold FR

    This fire resistant safe has a double wall construction, with fire resistant barrier material to DIN 4102. Available in a range of sizes and locking mechanisms, it will keep your valuables secure should the unthinkable happen.
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    Master Lock Fireproof Safes

    The perfect solution for storing important documents and valuables, the Master Lock fireproof safes are UL classified and offer 60 minute protection at 927˚C or 120 minute protection at 1010˚C. All models are ETL verified, water resistant for 24 hours to a depth of 200mm, and are able to be locked via a programmable digital keypad.
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    Fire Stor

    With a VdS approved safety lock and five heavy duty locking bolts , our Fire Stors offer the perfect defence against both fire and forced entry. They’re also fully tested and certified to EN 14450 S1 by VdS in Germany and offer a £2,000 cash rating and £20,000 valuables rating. Fire protection is provided by a double wall construction, with fire resistant barrier material to DIN 4102. Available in a range of sizes and locking mechanisms, it will keep your valuables secure should the unthinkable happen.
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    Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

    The fire resistant filing cabinets provide protection for documents of various sizes during a fire. Each drawer is individually insulated, meaning that your files will still be secure should a drawer be left open, providing extra peace of mind. These filing cabinets are also able to withstand temperatures up to 950˚C for up to an hour.
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    Master Lock Fireproof Chests

    Available in 4 models, the Master Lock fireproof chests are able to protect and secure valuable documents, media and files in most applications.


    Securikey fireproof safes and cabinets provide leading protection against fires, a fact reinforced by the independent testing of certain models. Giving you reassurance that in the worst case scenario, your documents and valuables will be safe and secure.

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  • Padlocks & Personal Security

    Securikey stocks a wide range of Master Lock® padlocks and key storage as well as a selection of personal security items including post boxes, locker locks, cables and padlock accessories.
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    Personal Security

    We supply a range of personal security devices to keep you safe when you need it most. The range comprises: personal attack alarms, property marking and detection, decoy safes, security metal detector, document security and decoy CCTV cameras.
    Padlocks & Personal Security
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    Post Boxes

    Available in High Security and Standard designs our Post Boxes have been designed for outdoor environments in order to protect both letters and small packets from theft.
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    Bluetooth Smart Padlocks

    Master Lock® Bluetooth padlocks give you the control to protect what matters most in your life. Using your smartphone and an easy to use app, you can unlock your lock, give your friends or relatives access anytime, or limit access to day or night.
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    Solid Brass Padlocks

    With a Master Lock® lifetime guarantee, these Solid Brass Padlocks are available in a variety of sizes and with an additional number of options in order to meet your specific security demands.
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    Laminated Steel Padlocks

    Our Laminated Steel Padlocks are able to provide high-level security against tampering and force, with hardened steel shackles that are not only tough, but include weatherproof locks to deliver extra durability.
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    Solid Aluminium Padlocks

    With a lightweight design, these Solid Aluminium Padlocks offer extra resistance against corrosion and are perfect for securing lockers, cupboards, storage units, sheds or residential gates.
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    Combination Padlocks

    The ideal solution for a key-free padlock. These Combination Padlocks come with either programmable or fixed combination, and are ideal for luggage, sports bags, school lockers, gym lockers and sheds.
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    Solid Steel Padlocks

    The perfect choice which is strong, durable and resists corrosion.
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    Stainless Steel Padlocks

    The ideal choice for optimum security and durability, these Stainless Steel Padlocks provide extra protection against forced entry with its shielded lock design in addition to being both weatherproof and corrosion resistant.
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    Excell Padlocks

    This boron alloy lock is perfect for commercial and high-security home use, ideal for securing garages, factories or sheds.
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    Key Storage

    A more vigilant way to ensure keys are kept secure and aren’t left under the mat or in a safe place outside the home. Especially useful for late guests or forgetful children.
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    Cables & Chains

    Our cables and chains come in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit your requirements. They’re also vinyl coated for greater resistance against wear and tear.
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    Hasps and Staples

    Perfect for both internal and external use, we stock hasps and staples in a range of materials ideal for a variety of situations including: cupboards, sheds, garages, gates and lockers.
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    Special Purpose Locks

    Constructed for specific functions and usage including: trailer hitches, bicycles, shipping containers locks and gun triggers.
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    Biometric Padlocks

    Biometric padlocks provide maximum protection with multi-user access up to ten fingerprints
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    Locker Locks

    Our locker locks feature a wide variety of locking options. Most include the ability to be opened by an administrative key, should the code be forgotten or lost. Available as a combination padlock, or ‘built-in’.
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    Safe Space

    For security on the go, our safe space is built with robust ABS construction and includes a security cable, attachable to any fixed object for extra protection. Perfect for use at home or while travelling.

    Locksmith Padlock Accessories

    This section holds products of interest to locksmiths, containing many products that require assembly and special tools.
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    Pro Series Padlocks

    A great all-round padlock delivering high level security, forced entry resistance, durability and reliable performance in extreme weather.


    Q: I have a ‘Hand Held UV Lamp’. When I switch it on, the light seems to emit from the back of the tube, is the product faulty? A: No, the tube needs approximately 1 minute to become fully operational. Q: Will the ‘Fake Banknote Detector Pen’ work on the Euro? A: Yes it works on the Euro and many other currencies.

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  • Key Reels, Retractors & Cases

    A reliable, convenient and safe answer for keeping keys, ID cards and tools safe and secure, but still within reach. The self-retracting Key Reels are lightweight, long-lasting and available in a variety of customisable options, enabling you to meet your security requirements. The Key Reels can be equipped with a nylon/Kevlar® cord or a stainless steel chain and are available with a selection of fixing methods, making them perfect to be attached onto belts, waistbands, clothing, lapels or bags. See below to view our collection or visit our dedicated website for Key Reels -
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    Heavy Duty Key Reels

    Available in both heavy and extra heavy duty models, our range of Key Reels offer peace of mind thanks to their durability. All our heavy duty Key Reels are equipped with a Kevlar® cord with ABS or stainless steel case, increasing both its longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
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    Standard Duty Key Reels

    For light commercial or domestic use and equipped with a stainless steel chain, our Standard Duty Key Reels can quickly be fastened via a spring clip, belt loop, spinner, karabiner or bracket mount for fast and easy access.
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    Light Duty Key Reels

    Constructed with a plastic casing with either a Nylon or Kevlar® cord these light duty key reels are both affordable and hardwearing; making them the perfect choice for lighter duty applications such as identity badges, swipe cards, or a small number of keys.
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    Key Reel Accessories

    To complement the range of Self Retracting Key Reels we offer this selection of associated accessories.
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    Retractors offer the same functionality as Key Reels, but with added durability and strength, enabling the user to carry items such as phones, tools or radios without the need to worry about losing them. They’re available in 4 sizes and are able to be fixed via a karabiner, spring clip or velcro strap. Because of their strength and reliability, Retractors are particularly suited for work in industrial and commercial areas.
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    Our unique nylon cases offer premium protection for tools and electronic devices. They’re also weather resistance and feature a hook and latch closure system that allows for one-handed operation.
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    Dropped Object Protection

    Many accidents are caused by falling objects, in particular tools and equipment. Our range of retractors, tethers and tool holders help prevent accidents and injury.

    The Securikey Standard

    To aid your selection, each Securikey Key Reel is graded in terms of strength and security, from light duty Bronze, standard duty Silver and heavy duty Gold. You can find more information on our standards in the FAQ section of the website.
    • Bronze Standard
    • Silver Standard
    • Gold Standard

    Key Reels FAQ

    Q: Can I have key reels with my own logo / branding?

    A: Yes at extra cost and to order only. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Q: What is Kevlar®?

    A: It is an extremely strong ‘man made material’ and is used in things like parachute cords and bullet proof vests.

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  • Technical Spares

    This area contains service parts and spares associated with Securikey products. Most are only suitable for use by a qualified Locksmith or Safe Technician.

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  • Digital Door Locks

    The Keylex mechanical digital door locks range offers a number of advantages over keyed locking systems. It allows for tighter access control measures, ensuring that the integrity of a building or area and the safety of staff are never put in jeopardy. As well as being simple, convenient and effective to use, they’re totally self-contained and don’t have the need for any additional hardware. Digital door locks also don’t require keys, cards or tokens, all of which can be easily damaged, lost or stolen. Should any security codes be compromised, they can quickly and easily be reinstated to ensure on-going security.
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    Mini Digital Door Locks

    An ideal choice for timber frames or narrow doors, this slim designed digital lock is a great choice for home or light commercial use.
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    Light Duty Digital Door Locks

    Perfect for medium security and internal doors, the light duty digital door locks are built for stile widths down to 80mm and hollow aluminium sections.
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    Medium Duty Digital Door Locks

    The medium duty digital door locks offer the perfect remedy to keep external entrances secure and comply with a more flexible euro profile keying system. Designed with a higher security demand in mind, these locks are ideal for hollow aluminium sections, and stile widths as low as 43mm.
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    Heavy Duty Digital Door Locks

    Our Heavy Duty digital door locks offer the best defence for external entrances that require both high security and durability.
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    Digital Door Lock Spares

    Spares and accessories for the Keylex range.


    Handing Locks (& Doors)

    All Keylex lock models are ‘field reversible’. Therefore you do not need to specify the hand of the lock when ordering. However, when installing the Keylex 700 on rebated double doors it is necessary to establish the hand of the door in respect of the rebate kit. There are four distinct handing codes describing four possible applications:
    • LH Left Hand = Clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the push side.
    • LHR Left Hand Reverse = Anti-clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the pull side.
    • RH Right Hand = Anti-clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the push side.
    • RHR Right Hand Reverse = Clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the pull side.
    The hand of the lock is the same as the hand of the door. The hand of the rebate kit is the same as the hand of the lock.

    Rebate Kits (all models)

    Two part rebate kits are available (stainless steel) in the following sizes to suit all series of Keylex locks; 13mm, 19mm and 25mm

    Extra Thick Doors (all models)

    Extra long fixings, spindle extensions and passage turn extensions are available to suit any door thickness.

    Blanking Plates (all models)

    A blank plate for the passage function facility is available on the all Keylex models as are blanking buttons for the inside lever furniture on Keylex 700, 800 & 500 models only.

    Emergency & Panic Exit Devices (K2100 & K700 only)

    Conversions are available for all K2100 series and K700 series models allowing operation with rim mounted emergency exit and panic exit devices. Conversions are available for the following manufacturers’ devices (rim mounted applications only - including latch and vertical rod designs). a) Briton b) Dorma c)Von Duprin

    Back-to-Back Operation (K2100 & K700 only)

    Bi-directional coded access control via the same door is achieved using either the Keylex model K2100 or K700 in a back-to-back application. ‘Back-to-back’ is not available on Keylex models K800 & K500. K700B is the factory built solution available ex-stock to suit doors 35mm to 50mm thick. K700B2 is the factory built solution available ex-stock to suit doors 50mm to 65mm thick. K2100B is our modification introducing a mounting plate to one side of the door. This solution particularly addresses security requirements at external gates where it may be possible to access the ‘secure’ side of a gate by reaching through to the other side. This solution should never be introduced to doors on emergency exit routes.

    Spy Shields (all models)

    Where security is paramount and the opportunity for unauthorized observation of code entry exists, it is possible to introduce a spy shield to reduce the chance of code entry copying. Available to special order on all models.

    Knurled Knob (K2100 only)

    The normally smooth knob design on Keylex model K2100 can be modified to introduce a knurled or textured finish.This facilitates extra grip for use by the elderly, infirm or operation by those who may have wet hands. Available to special order.

    Rim Mounted Solutions (K2100, K800 & K500 only)

    Occasionally, door and frame designs dictate that conventional mortice lock solutions become impractical. Rim mounted solutions exist (for the models detailed above) and are, in the case of K800 & K500, normally available exstock. Because of the nature of their operation certain features such as passage function are unavailable. All rim mounted locks are supplied with knob furniture to both sides of the door.

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  • Convex Safety Mirrors

    Our convex safety mirrors offer added safety and security by improving surveillance and eliminating blindspots. With their expert design they can be used in a diverse range of environments and situations to ensure protection.
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    Interior Security Mirrors

    Our dome or round security interior security mirrors act as a powerful deterrent, eliminating blind spots and allowing staff or security personnel to better monitor their surroundings and inconspicuously observe customer movements.
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    Interior / Exterior Mirrors

    This range is ideal for use in Hospitals, Care Facilities, Schools, Retail Stores, Shopping Centres, Factories, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Car Parks and a variety of other applications.
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    Exterior Safety Mirrors

    Our range of exterior mirrors improve safety by optimising your field of vision on blind spots, tight bends, awkward or concealed entrances, exits and car parks, allowing you to emerge safely and reducing the possibility of collision.
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    Food Processing Mirrors

    Our food processing mirrors have all the features and benefits of our range of internal convex mirrors, as well as conforming to food processing industry standards. Our food processing mirrors include a stainless steel or acrylic face for hygienic cleaning and a stainless steel ‘J’ arm and adjustable mounting bracket as well as an orange vinyl surround for visibility in a factory setting.
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    Fork Lift Rear View Mirrors

    All round visibility is key when operating a forklift in a confined space; our rear view mirrors for forklifts ensure that you are able to clearly see 180º, significantly reducing blind spots. Our range of forklift rear view mirrors are designed to fit most types of fork-lifts.
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    Traffic Mirrors

    Visibility is a key element of road safety and traffic mirrors are essential on road juntions where visability is poor. Our traffic mirrors provide maximum visibility at crossroads, intersections and other areas where viewing is restricted.
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    Anti-Vandalism Security Mirrors

    Our anti-vandalism security mirrors are designed to operate in highly hostile environments. The mirror face is highly polished stainless steel with orange powder galvanized steel back and hood, complete with robust fittings to repel attack.
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    Institution Mirrors

    The Institutional mirrors have been built to withstand harsh environments and have been police-assessed to ensure their quality.
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    Portable Inspection Mirrors

    An important item for under-vehicle searches, the portable inspection mirrors offer the portability to be able to detect concealed explosives, weapons or drugs.
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    Installation Kits

    Alternative installation option for pole/wall mounting.

    Convex Mirrors FAQ

    Q: Are your mirrors supplied with a fixing bracket?

    A: Yes, our mirrors are supplied (where applicable) with a suitable bracket, depending on the style of mirror.

    Q: In Fork Lift mirrors, what is the difference between the ABS and T-bar back?

    A: The T-bar back is only suitable for internal use. The ABS back is suitable for internal and external use.

    Q: Are fixing screws supplied with the Institutional mirrors?

    A: No. The fixing used should be appropriate for the substrate on to which the mirror is to be fixed.

    Q: Do the mirror dimension(s) include the surround / frame?

    A: Yes, except for traffic mirrors, when the dimensions give the actual size of the area you can see.

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  • Security Safes & Cabinets

    Built to the highest manufacturing standards, our Security Safes are designed to protect a wealth of valuable items within a range of environments. Catering to both private and commercial clients, our Security Safes enable secure storage of money, documents, jewellery, and larger items such as power tools and mobile phones. We also supply products that conform to the safe custody of drug regulations. With each product we utilise a Cash Rating system, which provides you with information to determine the ideal safe for your needs. All of our security safes are also rated on their ability to prevent an attack, including forced entry.
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    Micro Vault

    The Micro Vault is a compact and affordable solution to your storage needs, with a cash rating of £1,000 which gives security protection for your valuables, cash and important documents.
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    Euro Vault Bronze

    Our vaults are perfect for the safekeeping of cash and other small valuables for personal and light commercial use. They can be integrated into existing security systems and are able to meet a variety of needs and environments.
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    Mini Vault S2 Silver

    The recently enhanced Mini Vault Silver range of freestanding safes offers an incredibly robust security solution for safekeeping cash and valuables and is ideal for a wide range of applications, including domestic properties, hotel rooms and offices.
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    Mini Vault S2 Gold Fire Resistant

    The Mini Vault Gold Fire Resistant range of fire safes has been constructed using a special double-walled design using a fire resistant barrier material that meets standard DIN 4102.
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    Euro Grade Safes

    The Euro Grade safes are constructed from solid steel, fitted with steel sliding bolts and are independently tried and tested to ensure their quality. As well as featuring a single security key lock, these excellent and reliable safes have a variety of locking options and sizes.
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    Underfloor Security Safes

    Our underfloor safes offer concealed security for valuable items of both personal and commercial use. Available at affordable prices, as well as a range of sizes, these secure safes comply with both European standards and insurance company requirements.
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    DIY Safes

    DIY safes are the perfect solution for domestic use as they can be surface mounted or positioned beneath a suspended floor. They’re easy to fit, and are available with a variety of locking options and a range of sizes.
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    Deposit Safes

    Deposit safes are a discreet option for depositing cash, keys and other valuable items, but are accessible without the need for keys or codes. They offer both security and ease of use for the user.
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    Master Lock Security Safes

    The Master Lock security safes come in two different options, each with their own unique way of securely keeping your items safe. Both our ‘X’ series and ‘T’ series are constructed from solid steel and fitted with steel sliding bolts and a single security lock.
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    Secure Stor

    Our Secure Stor product offers the same security provided by our Steel Stor range but is constructed from lighter weight materials, making them ideal for upper floor installations. They’re also fully tested and certified to EN 14450 S1 by VdS in Germany and offer a £2,000 cash rating and £20,000 valuables rating.
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    Medical Storage

    Designed to suit all needs when dealing with the safe storage of medical products, our medical cabinets offer a range of security measures. Our ‘Bronze Level’ security products offer the ability to keep general First Aid items safe, while our ‘Silver & Gold’ levels are able to secure controlled drugs that are governed by the Home Office Drugs Inspectorate direction of control.
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    Fire Stor

    With a VdS approved safety lock and five heavy duty locking bolts , our Fire Stors offer the perfect defence against both fire and forced entry. They’re also fully tested and certified to EN 14450 S1 by VdS in Germany and offer a £2,000 cash rating and £20,000 valuables rating. Fire protection is provided by a double wall construction, with fire resistant barrier material to DIN 4102. Available in a range of sizes and locking mechanisms, it will keep your valuables secure should the unthinkable happen.
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    Gun Cabinets

    Manufactured to exceed the UK requirement for firearms storage, our gun cabinets offer the best protection from theft or misuse.

    Security Safes and Cabinets FAQ

    Q: What is VdS™?

    A: VdS Schadenverhütung* is the independent, international, accredited and notified testing and certification institution for fire prevention and safety technology as well as for physical and electronic protection against intrusion. With over a century of experience, VdS inspects and certifies products as well as services for the safety and security industry. All procedures follow standards and rules established by VdS in cooperation with the insurance industry and international organizations. Every Securikey Euro Grade product is independently approved and certified by VdS, after undergoing a rigorous and exhaustive series of technical and practical tests. This is signified by the issuing and mounting of the appropriate badge.

    Q: What locks must my safe be fitted with for it to maintain the VdS rating?

    A: This depends upon the type of safe:
    • Euro Grade 0 – a single class 1 lock
    • Euro Grade 1 – a single class 1 lock
    • Euro Grade 2 – a single class 1 lock
    • Euro Grade 3 – two class 1 locks or a single class 2 lock
    • Euro Grade 4 – two class 2 locks
    • Euro Grade 5 – two class 2 locks

    Q: Does my safe need fixing to the floor / wall?

    A: Any safe less than 1 metric tonne must be fixed to the floor / wall, as per the manufacturers installation instructions.

    Q: How far does the rotary deposit trap protrude inside the safe?

    A: For Euro Grade and Steel Stor safes, it protrudes 200mm maximum.

    Q: Can a Euro Grade safe be supplied left hand hinged?

    A: Yes at extra cost and to order only. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Q: Do Euro Grade safes have a rear fixing facility?

    A: The rear fixing option is supplied as standard in Euro Grade 1, 2 & 3 safes.

    Q: Which Euro Grade safes will accept till drawers?

    A: Please measure the till drawer before ordering. However a standard till drawer will fit any Euro Grade safe, with an internal depth of 375mm.

    Q: Does Securikey buy old / unwanted safes?

    A: No, however one of our Locksmiths / Stockist may be able to assist you.

    Q: Does Securikey remove old / unwanted safes?

    A: Yes, however there would be a charge involved. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Q: What is the extra depth of a Euro Grade safe for the handle or different locking option?

    A: The additional depth is approximately 45mm.

    Q: What is the depth of the keypad and handle on Mini Vault Silver & Mini Vault Gold FR?

    A: The additional depth is approximately 35mm.

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In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, Securikey are also members of Master Locksmiths Association and ESSA. These organisations promote the highest standards within the security industry. The inclusion of the ‘AIS Approved’ logo reinforces the importance of the independent testing.